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By adding a comment with a photo, you can put your 335 or other Gibson on this page. This is a new feature and, as long as no one abuses it, it will become permanent. Please, no selfies or porn. Just guitars.


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  1. RAB says:

    Must be other reissue Fender fans out there! Bring bolt-together fiddles a reissue Fender is closer to an original Fender. Kalamazoo offerings involved more complex craftsmanship and luthier expertise. I recently drove 200 miles to look at a real ’59 hardtail Strat. I returned empty handed because my reissue played and sounded better! So I saved myself 20 large!

  2. RAB says:

    Meant to say “being” bolt-together fiddles…

  3. RAB says:

    I gig my reissues more than my vintage guitars these days. They play well, sound good, are light weight and I don’t worry about them getting dented or scratched in tight venues! I do bring out the vintage fiddles for our premium gigs in more favorable/controlled locations…

  4. Dave K says:

    La La Land!

    Last year I was fortunate enough to be able to complete my personal 335 holy grail. Red stop tail 64 and blonde stop tail 59.

    I”ve put the 64 up before – bought for loose change in 89, it shipped a week after Clapton’s. Main gigging guitar for years but sadly now doesn’t get out much. Two changed pots and enlarged tuner holes – the original Klusons came with it so put them back with conversion bushings. To steal Charlie’s neat phase ‘things I don’t care about’!

    Cleared out the piggy bank last yearl for the minty blonde. Just 59 A321** with transition neck and mint except slight marks on the back where it was rested on a curly lead. Clapton had a blonde 59 for a bit as a spare but apparently never took to it and it sold in one of his crossroads auctions (for what seems cheap now!). I discovered that his blonde was also shipped a week before mine just like the red 64. Guess this is the kind of nonsense that excites us 335 nuts.


  5. RAB says:

    Gorgeous fiddles! Congrats! Years ago I had a blonde ’59 335 with a heavily figured, tiger stripe top. Reportedly belonged to Elvin Bishop at one point. My current 335 is an early sunburst ’63 with a PAF in the neck, early PAT# in the bridge. Sounds good too! I also have a ’62 Epi Riviera, Royal Tan finish that I gig a lot…fabulous tone from the stickered mini PAF pickups!

  6. Dave K says:

    Thanks RAB. I think your Riviera is a seriously cool guitar with that colour and the tailpiece. I’d be seriously tempted if I ever saw one in the UK. Would love to hear it played full on!!

  7. RAB says:

    Dave, yes, a vintage Riviera is a highly recommended tonal enhancement to your fiddle stable! While the short head stock models are preferred they are exceptionally hard to find (Kalamazoo only made about 40 Rivieras per year for 1962-63). A long head stock ’64 or ’65 would be acceptable too!

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